Gratitude is one of the most underestimated, but most effective feelings.

If you want to enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest and be amazed at the many small and great wonders of life, you must seriously and resolutely discover the power of gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most underestimated, but most effective and magical feelings. If you are grateful, instead of never being completely satisfied with your life's circumstances, your partner, your children, or yourself, you experience smaller and larger miracles. You recognize how rich your life is and see it with different eyes. Where you were dissatisfied before and felt lack, you suddenly experience fullness, ease and happiness. Gratitude brings an unexpected magic and power into your life.

Now pause for a moment: Take the time to perceive all the beautiful and enriching things in your life, like a restful sleep, the sunbeams that warm your face, a warm letter, a nice contact or the beautiful starry sky. See that many things that seem natural to you are a small miracle. Say thank you for a smile, a good conversation, a fragrant flower, your favourite song on the radio, a lovely postcard waiting for you in your mailbox, a reunion with a good friend, for clean water and healthy food, for small attentions, thank you for the understanding and patience of your partner, for the sweet words and gestures of others, for the people close to you, for your life, for every single moment and breath you are allowed to experience on this planet.

Make yourself aware of how rich your life is,
especially how other people enrich your life.
Because it is not self-evident that tomorrow
you will still be able to enjoy the laughter of your children
and hear your partner's breath.

We take much of what is valuable to us for granted and only appreciate it when we no longer have it. Then it is too late. When was the last time you thanked your husband, your children, your boss, your mother or your father, made it clear to them what a gift they are to you? Express your gratitude, in a letter or through words or gestures. Show them that they enrich your life. To thank them is to appreciate what they do and are. Your gratitude has the potential to heal even difficult relationships and to open up the fullness of life to you. You suddenly don't see the lack, but the wonder in the people and in the little everyday things. The best thing is: Everything where you direct your attention, multiplies. If you see the beautiful and wonderful in your life and in other people, you will experience more of it.

6 Tips: How to use the magic of gratitude:

1. Develop your own ritual of gratitude. Ask yourself this simple question every night before going to bed: "What am I grateful for today? Your gratitude should take into account people who enrich your life as well as gratitude for yourself and for the gifts of life. You can do this inwardly or write about that which you are grateful about today in a beautiful diary.

2. You can also meditate inwardly with the word "thank you" by repeating it for 5-10 minutes like a mantra. It is important to be sincerely grateful and not to say "thank you" semi-automatically.

3. You can also practice the gratitude exercises as a sleep ritual with your children. Especially for children who have everything, it is important to cultivate gratitude.

4. Especially when you're in a negative spiral, thank the universe: "Dear universe, thank you for allowing me to laugh so heartily with my girlfriend, that my husband loves me so much, that my mother ignores my weaknesses with so much kindness and understanding.....

5. Respect what others give you every day. Say thank you also for the natural little things. Make yourself aware that nothing is self-evident.

6. Use gratitude to overcome feelings of lack and create abundance. A key to abundance is to recognize the already existing abundance in your life. Whatever your situation is, even if you seem to have little materially, you are rich. You can breathe, you can rejoice, you can love, you can enjoy the moment, you can dance and laugh and you are equipped with manifold talents. Open yourself to the beauty and to the fullness of life. If you recognize it, it works like a magnet. You attract more beauty and abundance.

It is not the happy people who are grateful.
They are the grateful people who are happy.
Sir Francis Bacon