11 tips, on how to turn envy into strength

Envy is more widespread than we think. As a rule, only others are jealous whilst we ourselves are not. Like other unsympathetic feelings, we are inclined not to perceive them or to repress them. When we scold the wealth and success of others, talk badly about them and devalue them, it has nothing to do with envy. The first and most important step is to perceive our envy. The second is to look at it as an indication of an inner lack, inner dissatisfaction, and to see how we can satisfy our needs differently or be satisfied with less.

It seems to provoke us when others are happier or richer than ourselves. What happens in us when, instead of growing ourselves, we do not grant success and happiness to others? Why does one part of us try to make others smaller so that we can be bigger instead of enjoying their happiness or wealth? Why do we talk badly about others instead of remaining silent and working on our own weaknesses?

Rich and happy people often attract envy

It is almost an accepted disease to scold the rich and envy others for lightness and joy. The reactions to the rich and to people who are free and happy inside are similar. Both attract envy. If the rich also seem to have money for doing nothing, which is not the case with most of them because they work a lot, the indignation is great. Some people then think they have to justify their wealth by responding that they have worked incredibly hard for their money. And even if they didn't lift a finger for it, that's also good. Because how does that really affect others? Not at all!!!!

You and nobody else bear 100% responsibility for your account balance, your happiness, your health, your relationships. Instead of putting other people down, use envy as a reason to investigate what you really want to grow yourself and move your ass.

If you notice signs of envy in yourself, the urge to diminish the performance of others, to make them small and weaken them, you have to pause, take breath and retrieve all the energy and anger that you direct at others. It is important to perceive that your envy and anger have nothing to do with the other, but only with yourself. Your envy is a gift to help you realize what you lack in life, to rethink your goals, and to focus on realizing your desires. In any case, your envy has absolutely nothing to do with the person you are envious of. Use the fire, the energy of envy wisely, by redirecting it and living at  full throttle.

My 11 Tips:

1. Admit your envy. Notice that you are trying to devalue others and make them smaller.

2. Ask yourself what you miss, what you appear to be missing, where you are not satisfied with yourself or with certain circumstances in your life.

3. But don't forget that nothing comes from nothing. Do you see perhaps only the result, that which the other has, but not the way in which they went, which hurdles they had to tackle? Do you know the price? Now it is important to check which bet the other made, which price he paid. Ask questions, openly if possible, and with interest. This realistic consideration brings you back to the base of the facts and you may notice that you don't want the whole package with all its risks and side-effects at all and can be grateful for what you are and have.

4. Is it on the other hand that that which you wish for is simply too abstract/random? Then think about how you can train these abilities, whether it works alone or whether someone can help you. Make yourself aware that nobody is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and maybe you have strengths that the other doesn't have.

5. What are your strengths? Respect them and develop them.

6. Generously acknowledge the strengths of others. They enrich our world and our life. If everyone unfolds his full greatness, we will make this world a better one.

7. Feel that there is enough space for everyone, that there is no shortage and that only your old conditionings make you believe that.

8. learn to enjoy the happiness and wealth of others. In your joy of it, you become a part of it and attract the good yourself. If you are in the house of a very rich person, you can enjoy the beauty there. Whether you own it or not, at that moment you are in a beautiful house.

9. If, upon closer inspection, you still think that you want that which you are envious of, you have to take responsibility yourself, have courage and set off. Think about how you can fulfil your wish.

10. Be full of gratitude for who you are and what you have. Know your inner and outer wealth. It only depends on your gaze whether you see the fullness of your life or that which appears to be missing.

11. Thank the other, personally or inwardly, for helping you to have more clarity about yourself and your desires.

My conclusion: If you notice that you are not satisfied and want something else - do something. In any case, change your view of yourself and your life. See the fullness and do not concentrate on the lack.