Stress is just a thought!

Do you ever feel under pressure? Do the demands grow over your head again and again? Do you wonder how you can avoid stress and all the associated symptoms such as sleep difficulties, nervousness, irritability, heart-racing, back problems, fear of not being able to cope with the challenges? Stress is rooted in time and performance pressure and in worrying too much about nothing. Therefore my first tip is: Always concentrate on what you are doing! Be with all your attention in the present moment. Don't think about the other things that need to be done. Feel your body, your feet, breathe deeply, become slower and calmer inside. Above all, check which things are really important and which you only consider to be important. Does it depend on one minute? Stressed, you waste more time and are less effective. In order to be faster, more clear and effective, become calmer inside and slower, gain distance. Concentrate on the essentials instead of doing too many things at once.

Energetically, stress is a lack of presence.
in the body, in the present moment, a kind of head cinema.

First of all, it is important to differentiate: Do even the smallest details stress you out or do you really have too much to do? If you are already stressed out by little things, check what you are afraid of: mistakes, not being perfect enough, or not being confident enough and impatient? If you have too much on your mind, the situation is different. Then you have to set priorities, don't dance at all weddings and say no more often. Maybe you always take on the work of others who like to make themselves comfortable and who like to give up responsibility. But maybe you are just afraid of peace, emptiness or define yourself too much by what you do and what you achieve. Maybe you also think that if you don't do anything, you are lazy or that if you don't keep control, everything goes down the drain. But what price do you pay for it? It is not normal that you need sleeping pills to fall asleep, suffer from high blood pressure, your back hurts or your body shows other stress symptoms that you have come to terms with. Putting up with negative stress is like taking insidious poison. Positive stress, on the other hand, will inspire you and make you act very effectively and quickly in a short period of time. Speed can be fun, very energizing and can lead to fruitful results. But what to do if you don't think you can eliminate or reduce any of your activities? If you really want to live stress-free, you will learn as quickly as possible to distinguish the essential from the unessential and look for solutions.

Because if you don't do anything now, at some point nothing will work any more.
Your body forces you to take a break anyway
if you overdo it and get sick.

The same applies to your relationships:
Do you want to put your partnership, your friendships at risk,
just because you're stressed and always irritable?
Better not let it get that far.
Step onto a wholesome path!

8 Tips: This is how you can reduce stress:

1. Stress is not equal to stress. Investigate the causes of your stress. Ask yourself: If I put myself under unnecessary pressure, if I really have too much to do, if I am too perfectionist, if I am afraid of rest, if I run away from my own feelings, if I define myself too much by performance, if I can hardly say no, is it difficult for me to set the right priorities or to structure and focus myself?

2. In stressful situations change your posture, lean back for a few seconds to calm down, gain time and create a certain distance between you and the challenge.

3. Look carefully, ask yourself if everything you do is worth the stress. Remember that the strength lies in the calm!

4. Concentrate on the essential and always only on what you are doing. Stop doing too many things at once.

5. Stop your head cinema.

6. Muck out: What is really important? What do you overrate? Which tasks can you remove from your list and which can you delegate?

7. Hire someone for what you don't like to do. Especially if you earn more with your work than what you pay for a work aid.

8. You don't think you have enough money? You have. Save on cigarettes or other things that do you no good. Besides, your health and happiness are priceless.