You are stagnating professionally, would love to quit your job and build up your own business but don't exactly know how? You already have a business and would like to earn more money doing that which you love to do? Or in your case, everything is different: You know how to be successful but not how to work less, how to reduce symptoms of stress nor how to find an inner balance and deeper meaning in your work?

We will support you to recognise your destiny, to start your business, to bring it onto the next level, to attract the right people for your projects bring and to bring your professional and private lives into alignment. We will show you how to implement your visions, to allow your potential to unfold and to enable financial independence.




Don’t allow the fearful little part of you to defeat your greatness, to trap you in insignificant matters, fears and entanglements. Rather expand your greatness and carry your very own puzzle out into the world. You will not only gain a greater insight into your unique task in this world, but we will also work out concrete steps towards putting it into action.

Above all, we will support you to sow the right seeds according to the laws of wealth and to dismantle old, inner limitations. We will show you how to avoid problems with supervisors, business partners or employees, how your occupation can become a source of joy, how to get up full of energy, work effectively and achieve more in less time.

Free@Work brings about a profound change in your attitude towards work and enables you to live according to your own determination. We will support you to achieve more success, joy and ease in your professional life. We will unearth the jewel within you.

For everyone who wants to be inwardly and materially free and to fully enjoy their lives.

2 days 
347,- Euro
497,- Euro (incl. spouse or businesspartner)

Barbara und Guido Vödisch

Barbara supports you with her deep understanding of energetic relationships, her recognition of a person's destiny, her knowledge of the secrets of wealth and her many years of experience coaching entrepreneurs and millionaires.

Guido holds a degree in business administration and brings all of his experience as Head of Finance in international production and distribution companies and his knowledge of financial independence to put you on solid financial ground.

Warren Buffet and Plato

In order to be happy with your work, it is important to be aware of your broader destiny, your passion, the reason why you are here on this earth. Plato already said: “There is a place which you can fill which no one else can fill and there is something for you to do which no one else can do”. If your deepest concern in the world is clear to you, then your life can be directed towards it and everything will find its place. You do what you love to do and you will naturally draw the right people and circumstances towards you. If your destiny does not serve as a guide, then many tasks, plans and goals will not be satisfactory. Warren Buffet said: “Don´t settle for anything other than passion – if you are lucky enough to find it.