My survey on our paradisal heritage:

I wanted to explore if and how we are in touch with our paradisal heritage, where we stand, what we think, to ask ourselves how to go about bringing paradise into existence.  So I carried out a survey with 125 people from different age groups, professions and locations. With my survey I wanted to capture, if and how much the longing for life free from any burden plays a role in our everyday lives and how we can specifically recall what constitutes a lighthearted existence. I also wanted to explore whether everyone longs for a peaceful world, compassion and mutual benevolence, or if that is perhaps more of an individual phenomenon. Above all, I wanted to know what we can do in order to bring about a carefree existence. I have put these and many other questions into an anonymous questionnaire because I wanted to be sure that everyone could feel free and unrestricted in their responses. I have also carried out personal interviews independent of this.  The results – answers to 41 questions – have amazed me… Coming soon