Seminar: Free@last Love

Do the daily struggles with your partner, children, neighbours, business partners or boss use up a great deal of your power? Would you rather be more at peace with yourself and others?

Do you wish to lead a more loving relationship with your partner or are you still searching for the right one? Would you like to experience how to be more appreciated, to resolve power struggles and to see your needs fulfilled without a fight?

With Free@Last Love you will perceive your relationships with different eyes. You will heal old relationship patterns on a deep, cellular level. You will profit from my experience based on 30 years of a happy partnership and will love lightly once again. 

I will support you to experience the depth of love as it is only to be found in your original state of being. This experience changes your relationship to yourself and to life forever.

Regardless of whether it is about love relationships, business contacts, family or friends, we will show you which seeds you must sow in order to lead fulfilling relationships or to finally attract the right partner. Allow yourself to no longer to be seduced by your injuries, limitations, by internal and external struggles. Allow love to become your only reality!

2 days 
347,- Euro
497,- Euro (incl. spouse)

Free@last Love

Mahathma Gandhi

“The pure and unadultered love of a single man can neutralise the hatred of millions,” said Mahathma Gandhi. His examples shows what the love of one peaceful individual can move. I met Arun Gandhi the grandson of Mahathma Gandhi, who lived with him for two years. He said to me: “My Grandfather started step by step. In the beginning he didn´t know, that his yearning for love and peace would ended up in the liberation from the English colonial power.”

With love and a peaceful spirit you can profoundly transform your life and the lives of others. Each moment you can choose between separation and connection, between fear and love.