Seminar: Free@Last Health

You carry the key to healing, youth and vitality within you and can find there the secret to timelessness and unlimited energy.

Do you long to feel full of energy and vital, to slow down the process of ageing and to activate your body’s natural ability to heal itself? We will show you how to move within the timeless energy of eternity, to release old programming from your field of energy and cell consciousness, emotional and mental blockages that make you depleted. 

We will also inaugurate you to the secrets of vitality, youth and healing and moreover, we will show you how to apply them to your daily life. You will feel younger and more vital once again and you will learn how to cope with a high workload without exhausting yourself, maintaining your energy levels, free from pressure and fear.

You will become aware of that which saps your energy and that which feeds it, how to raise your energy levels and focus. We will support you to better understand the messengers of your body and to release yourself more easily from unhealthy habits such as bad nutrition, smoking, too little movement and symptoms of stress. Renew yourself on an energetic and physical level.

2 days 
347,- Euro
497,- Euro (incl. spouse)

Free@Last Health