Free@Last Family

Here you will meet your Free@Last Family, people just like you who wish to experience inner and outer freedom and integrate it into their daily lives, for whom it is all about practice.

You can find support for your projects, make new personal and business contacts, develop collective visions, recharge your batteries and tune back into that which is essential, that which enables you to live a lighthearted life. It is necessary to have time for ourselves, to inwardly clarify and ripen. As prolific as these solitary moments can be, it is just as important to join forces and support one another. It is time to stand up, to live our true greatness. We have the responsibility to make our lives and the lives of others better and sow good seeds with joy. Free@Last Family is for all those who value inner peace and lightness, who wish to share their talents with one another, to research together and to provide each other with mutual support. Welcome into the Family. 

Join the Family (Access only possible after personal consultation or for participants of Barbara's events.)

Create a better world together

Here, one person per month will be supported in realising their manifestation of a carefree existence. You can turn to the Free@Last Family with a deep, heart-felt desire for a happy relationship or for concrete support in manifesting a professional vision, a business venture.

Simply write something about yourself and your wish to us. Free@Last Family serves to realise a lighthearted existence. By helping others to germinate their seeds of paradise, so too will yours begin to grow.

Each one of us can make a difference, but even more so together. 

Free@Last Family Events

We are looking for organisers and musicians for Free@Last Family Events.