How you live 100% problemfree

It may seem extremely daring to you when I say that it is possible to live 100% problem-free. Just because humanity believes that problems are part of life doesn't mean that it has to be the truth. Who actually says that a happy and carefree existence is unrealistic and utopic? I knew from childhood that it is quite natural. If we are convinced that life is difficult, it is not surprising that we have many problems. Then it seems to us as if we are in a hamster wheel of problems that it is seldom possible to escape.

But you can live without problems if you understand the nature of problems,
overcome your mistakes and want to live happily ever after.

The most important step is that you consider it possible to live completely free of burdens. Then you must leave the frequency in which problems exist. Einstein already said that you can't solve problems on the level at which they arose, that you have to shift to another level. But how do you change levels? This happens by entering into the highest possible state of inner peace and stillness, not believing all your stories of separation, problems, fear and lack.  You leave the frequency of problems when you are clear inside and at peace. To live without problems you have to think, feel and act accordingly. This is not witchcraft, but begins with how you deal with the little everyday things. You can check every problem for thoughts of fear, separation and lack, release yourself from the story you have spun around it. No matter how challenging your situation is, there is always the question of which attitude you take towards this situation.

Note: The situation itself is never the problem, but rather how you look at it,
how you interpret it, what your thoughts and feelings spin out of it.
If you have a problem, know that something is not right
about the way you perceive things,
the way you think, feel and act.

This realization is one of the most important keys to a happy and liberated life. One day, I began to understand that only my view of the situation was not in balance when I felt something was a problem. As soon as I changed my way of thinking and acting, I experienced an unexpected lightness and inner freedom. I was no longer a victim of situations, destiny or apparent problems, but experimented until I found a free, unencumbered solution to every challenge.

If you accept the challenge to investigate your beliefs and thought patterns,
you grow until what once seemed like a problem to you, no longer feels as such.

Challenges are not there to break you. They open up new possibilities, force you to become wiser and stronger. A happy life depends on how mature and essential you become. If you are a master at dealing with challenges, nothing can stop you. What problems do you have for which you see no solution? What do you think keeps you from a carefree existence? What restricts you, what slows you down, which people, which situations, which feelings? Concentrate more on the opportunities than on the obstacles. Everything that you see as an obstacle, every argument as to why you cannot solve your problem, delete it from your thoughts. Go to an inner place of not knowing. Try to free yourself from your opinion and ask yourself which possibilities do you have at your disposal to deal with the situation differently? Make yourself conscious again and again: It never depends on what happens to you, but on what you make of it.

In addition, big problems arise from small imbalances
that you don't take seriously enough and that you take care of too late.
If you tackle the imbalances head on early enough,
then there are no problems at all.
But if you ignore them and don't address them,
you will receive them even more potently thrown in your face.

Almost always there are signs, warning signals that you do not want to see, such as a bad feeling, comments from others, small difficulties in the lead-up. Your unfaithful partner has always been unfaithful in his former relationships and your girlfriend has always been jealous. Big problems arise from small signs that you don't take seriously, such as high blood pressure and enormous stress symptoms. But if you then have a heart attack, you are surprised. As a rule, you always get signals. You will be warned in advance. However, you often only look when you are forced to.

If you are open and recognize early enough that something is starting to get out of balance, you can react immediately so that a problem does not arise in the first place. Determined and with a healthy dose of madness you can exit the level of problems. Because the only thing that is really crazy is our problem-consciousness itself, out of kilter with a healthy state of being. As soon as you think that something is a problem, you have to stop and change your view and your behaviour in relation to things. Focus on the solution. Above all, give yourself permission to live light-heartedly and do not submit to a problematic fate. Do you think that I speak easily, that everything is different with you because your problems are so profound? Precisely because I was deeply touched by people's suffering and problems already as a child, I have explored the nature of problems and examined the way out. A carefree life is not a coincidence, nor is lightness of being. They are based on profound depth and knowledge.

Recognize that you are so much more
and so much bigger
than your apparent problem.
Focus on what is always free,
carefree and whole within you.

May you live 100% problem-free and full of ease.

LOVE Barbara