How to bring lightness into difficult phases of your life.

Why do we sometimes make our lives so difficult? Especially at times when we are unable to force or hold on to something, when we have to let go of people who are close to our hearts as well as our ideas and expectations?

Like nature, you are subject to constant phases of change. Your children are born, grow up, leave home, the relationship with your parents, siblings or grandchildren are sometimes closer, sometimes more distant or break off completely. You will experience emotional, mental, physical, private and professional changes. Whether you experience these changes light-heartedly and in freedom or feel forced to your knees and burdened, depends entirely upon how much you let go of people, ideas and expectations and how flexibly you can adapt to the circumstances of your life, reshape them and reinvent yourself again and again.

When you become narrow-minded because you want to hold on to a person or have a situation in a certain way, when you begin to struggle with life and with yourself, you create pain and come up against a brick wall. You can pay a high price for holding on and standing against the flow of life. The same applies if you want to turn back the clock. What do you hold on to, although it is not good for you? What if you accept the situation and let go, if you allow this gap? If you do not let go, you do not give something new a chance. Accept the situation and see how you make the best of it. Do not dwell in resistance, prefer to shape, rather than fight and resist reality.

In this way, you bring more ease into processes of change:

1. Accept the change, embrace the change.

2. Act according to the new events. See the good in them, see the possibilities brought about by letting go.

3. See life as an adventure. Rejoice in new experiences. Seek them out. This expands your horizon and lets you grow.

4. Trust that life always has your best in mind when something new comes into your life.

5. Become active, do something. If, for example, you are in the menopause and it bothers you that you have gained weight without eating more, go to sports more often, reduce your food or accept your weight.

6. Do you find it difficult for your children to leave the house or to leave you? See how you fill the new free space and use the time for yourself and your partner.

Lightness begins when you change inwardly
allowing yourself to act practically and with flexibility.