Blog: Barbara On Tour

Anne & Kirk Douglas

I was lucky to meet Kirk and Anne Douglas at home in Beverly Hills and was very touched by them. Kirk is a deeply reflective and conscious person and Anne powerful, open-minded and very friendly...

Arun Gandhi

This was once again one of many coincidences on Bali. Whilst working on my new book and writing about Ghandhi’s commitment to his message of peace, a Hindu mantra rang out from a nearby temple...At that I time didn´t know that I would talk to Arun Gandhi, his grandson, some weeks later......

Götz Werner

Götz Werner, entrepreneur, billionaire and founder of dm market, Europe's biggest drug-store chain. Coming Soon!

Prince Agung Oka

Prince Agung Oka of Bali - We do everything for the "gods”

Since 1675 the family of Prince Oka has lived in the Puri Anyar palace, now ten generations down the line. Ministers, ambassadors and prominent artists and actors such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Devi Sokarno and many others, have all been guests at the palace over time.

Highpriest Bali

With a high priest on Bali: How we “Surga” find paradise. 

Today I am visiting a high priest, Pedanda Ida Resi. I want to know what a Balinese high priest thinks about inner freedom. How did he become a high priest? Does he possess a special radiance?