6 tips - How you accept and love yourself

Do you doubt yourself too much? Do you sometimes lack the inner certainty of being the way you are, of being right and not having to earn love and recognition? Do you sometimes find it difficult to accept yourself with your weaknesses? The question of whether you are loved and right does not really exist. The universe does not distinguish between us, does not put a stamp on our foreheads with the inscription: "You are loved and you are not". In the moments when you feel unloved and quarrel with yourself, you forget the love that is naturally there. The best thing you can then do is to give yourself love.

Your doubts mostly arise in the moments when you feel unacceptable, dwelling too much on the lack of love and on yourself, on your doubts, your expectations and on the conditions that you attach to love. At these times you are more in your head than in your heart, you judge and do not look deep enough. A simple exercise is to bring your hands to your heart and say: "God loves me". You don't have to be religious, believe in God or anything else for it to work. Experience shows that this simply brings the most effective and speedy results. It touches a deeper layer within you than your mind can grasp. If you have a problem with the word God, you can also say: "The universe loves me". Don't think, just experiment. Above all, let go of everything you believe you've got and how you must be to feel loved. Become aware of the love that is simple. You are love. You are always loved. You don't have to earn it. It is in you and all around you. Open yourself to the air, to the wind that caresses you. Everything is carried by silent love, by acceptance and you are part of it.

Instead of thinking too much, it is important to just keep on loving. Lack of love or self-love mainly takes place in your thoughts, in your head, expecting too much from yourself and others and subjecting everything to your strict judgement. Love simply. Because if you wait until you meet your expectations, the day will never come when you can accept yourself. You are as you are and not for nothing, just as you were created with all your strengths and weaknesses. What is wrong with you? Do you believe that creation has made a mistake with you? If you have a problem with yourself, especially if you are too strict and critical of yourself, do not question yourself, but rather your judgement, your severity, the part in you that cannot leave things simply as they are. Accept that we are all human to the last breath and have human weaknesses. Show kindness, have compassion and understanding for yourself, instead of blaming and being too critical of yourself. You can work on your weaknesses, but it does not help anyone to make you small, guilty, inadequate and difficult to live with because of them.

If there are times when you just can't accept yourself and can't stop the self-criticism, that's no problem either. Sometimes we doubt ourselves. Just accept that then. The other side of the coin is that self-criticism, to a reasonable extent, can be very helpful. It enables you to question your behaviour, your thinking, to work on your weaknesses and to grow. In a bad case it keeps you trapped and makes you small. What does self-love and self-confidence mean? That you are always convinced of yourself and overflow with love for yourself? I myself am not that person who is bursting with obvious self-confidence. For me, freedom rather lies in a certain neutrality. If I had waited for everything I do to inspire me and to make me feel great about myself, I would not have written a single book, nor given a speech and would still be waiting for the moment when I would be perfect enough to do so. Love began when I accepted my human weaknesses and doubts, when I understood that I would never reach a certain perfection and that I don't have to, that I simply give and serve to my best ability, that I am human to the last breath.

It is important that you somehow get along with yourself because you spend your whole life with yourself. When you take care of yourself, no matter what happens, you always have someone who loves you. But above all, give your love to other people. When you love, you raise your energy level, and step out of your perceived lack of love. Love, along with inner peace, is one of the highest vibrating energies. Give love from a feeling of abundance. The moment you give love, you are in love yourself. At any rate, all thoughts that revolve around your value, recognition, love and its loss are just a sign that you have simply lost yourself. Reflect on yourself and take a more relaxed view on things.

My tips for you:

1. Don't look at the lack of love. Become aware of where you reject love. Learn to accept and perceive love. Love is your natural being. See love in the little things.

2. One single criticism a day often remains in our memory. Sometimes we do not even register loving, positive gestures. Do not overrate your mistakes, your weaknesses and the criticism of others.

3. You can immediately put yourself in a different mood and state of being if you say: I love my body, I love my coffee, I love my feet, I love travelling, I love my adventurous spirit, my reliability. Give all your love to yourself and to your life! I love............spell out everything you love in life. You can also build this exercise into a morning and evening ritual.........

4. When you feel abandoned, you have abandoned yourself. Remember that you have yourself and that you are never alone.

5. If you are very strict with yourself and quickly feel guilty, keep saying: "God loves me." Or "The universe loves me." Or "I love myself." Put your hands on your heart. You don't have to believe in anything. It still works.

6. As soon as you think you are not good enough, stop. Open yourself to the omnipresent love.