About Barbara

She is the author of twelve books, an editor for a women´s magazin and has a master in journalism (M.A.). She has coached entrepreneurs, managers, psychologists, celebreties, coaches, and countless others for more than twenty years to maximize their inner freedom and their professional success. Ever since childhood she has remembered a carefree state of being. She has always known that this is our true nature  we just lost contact with it and became too complicated. Since she was deeply touched by the pain and problems of other people, she did not understand why they did not give everything to live light-heartedly. She did not want to arrange for people to suffer. Anyway, she was determined not to give up until she felt completely free again.

During her youth she experienced indescribable suffering. She researched into what causes herself and mankind to suffer and the path to total freedom. Experiencing a deep transformation, a complete inner peace and freedom beginning at the age of 33, she dedicated her whole life to supporting people  to live a carefree life full of joy, success and significance. So she knows what it means to be out of balance. But she also knows that it is possible to unburden yourself completely, to take a wise approach to life's challenges and to attain inner freedom. 

Her clear view of a person's potential and destiny, the core of his problems and their simple solution, has enabled many people to free themselves from their burdens, to gain clarity and to recognize the wealth within them.

She loves to unite the seemingly disconnected, to deeply bond with playful lightness and the joy of life. You are just as likely to find her in a sparkling evening dress, as in a sweaty T-Shirt after a swift walk up the hill. She don't follow any particular philosophy. For her, life is both the master and the testing ground. The result is what counts in the end, and how consciously and joyfully we exist in our daily lives. She has been happily married to her husband for 30 years now, which she experience to be a great mercy and a wonderful gift.

Her work has been featured among others in the following US Media: NBC Right Now, FOX 12 OREGON, abc 6 NEWS, NBC 29, 7 News Boston, Island News Hawai abc4.

She lives in the Alps near Munich, Germany and in Asia, on the island of Bali.