Colourful & spunky, live your uniqueness!

Do you lose yourself again and again in everyday life? Do you sometimes adapt more than you feel is good for you? Do you lose your lightness and contour? Do you sometimes refrain from doing that which really suits you, because it doesn't fit into your picture, is uncomfortable or because you don't want to disappoint others?

You are unique and not created for nothing as you are. Instead of becoming more and more controlled, dance once out of line, question the seriousness of life, sing at full throttle, dare something, let yourself go! Who says who you have to be? Society, your parents, you? We voluntarily go into a cage of adaptation in order to belong, to be recognized and not to disappoint anyone. And then we also complain about it. Nobody limits us except ourselves. Who are you? What happens if you don't adapt to society's ideas, let go of your concepts and perhaps no longer fit into any category? What happens if inner values are important to you, if you have depth, but still like to earn good money, love beautiful things? Maybe you buy organic food, but maybe you don't look organic, you love numbers, but you are socially competent, you are emotional, but you are able to take a neutral point of view and you don't have to meditate every day with a clear shining consciousness and speak deliberately because you prefer to play football?

The vastness and freedom of consciousness exists when you grow beyond the categories and beliefs regardless of your political, spiritual or religious attitude, when you have preferences but do not adhere to any, when you are able to be gentle and clear, when you can go into action without needing everything to be perfect, when, despite certain preferences, you reject neither light nor shadow, simplicity or shine, movement or stillness, rest or action, impatience or patience.

Give yourself the freedom to be everything and not be in a certain way. Release yourself from your compulsions. Now ask yourself what your life would look like if it were a white canvas upon which you could paint all the colours of your life with no limitations. Paint colours of happiness, joy, love and lightness, whatever you wish for, and let yourself go. You shape your life. Nothing and nobody limits you except yourself. Make yourself really aware of this now: Nothing and nobody limits you, except yourself. So you can change something, you can free yourself from all the restrictions you have imposed upon yourself. You can be free, colourful, different and simply yourself.

My tips: to bring more colour and more freedom into your life:

1. Now and then, paint your skin like a reptile. Detach yourself from what and who you think you are.

2. Let go of your ideas and expectations. Let go of what you expect from yourself, life and others. Pain and bondage exist because you hold on to an idea, to an expectation of yourself and others.

3. Think less and try more. Experiment. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

4. Take yourself and your problems seriously, but not too seriously.

5. Ask yourself what holds you back from allowing certain aspects of yourself to become more? These can be thoughts like: "As a spiritual person, I can't have any material desires. As a father or mother, I cannot take time for myself. I must always be there for my children. I cannot do that, only others can. Then what does ......think about me when I do that? I am too old for that! Who cares about all that?

6. Do the things you always wanted to do but never did because you were too sensible or too scared of being laughed at and not taken seriously!

7. Try out, like an adventurer and explorer, the manifold aspects of your being. Experiment!

Permit life to reinvent you and always be yourself.