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Do you want to throw away all burden and go full throttle?

Are you tired of the struggles in your professional and private life, of stress-symptoms and overload? Do you long for inner peace and to live carefree?

A survey shows that 99% of the people would like to be free from any problems. Although it is possible for you - for all of us - most people lack the lightness and the inner and financial freedom. I support you to live lightheartedly, to earn money doing that which you love to do, to unfold your greatness, to finally attract the right partner, to enable your relationship to be vibrant and full of love, even after many years. ¥ou will get to know the secret of how to give your cells new information to stay young and vital, how to carry out your business so successfully, gladly and without stress, that you no longer experience it as such. The biggest lesson that I have learned on my journey from fears and doubts right through

to total inner freedom is that you must give everything, that it doesn't simply come of its' own accord. Don't you believe that it is also possible for you to live happily, without any problems? What if it is only your belief and sense of comfort that inhibit you? I will show you how to free yourself from all burdens and will pass on all my experiences and knowledge to you. You and a fulfilling life, you and your inner freedom, you are my concern.

You will get all our support to enable lightheartedness to become your only reality in all aspects of your life and for you to achieve inner and financial freedom. Why should only a few people live in deep peace, in a free consciousness? Why not you? If I can, so can you. Bring your relationship, your professional life and your physical body onto a new level. 

You experience paradise to the extent that you bring love and peace into the world


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Just as I love to read the biographies of people who make a difference, I also love to talk with them. Across the world I meet interesting personalities. I introduce you to people who are contributing towards a new world through their thinking and their doing – lateral thinkers, doers, philosophers, celebreties and very ordinary people.


Arun Ghandi

Anne & Kirk Douglas

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Seminar: Free@last Manifestation

Do you know that there is more potential within you and you finally want to live it?  Do you want to implement your visions, your heart's desire? Or do you already live them but want to release the handbrake and go full throttle? In this intensive group limited to 12 participants you will focus entirely upon implementation. You will benefit from the practical skills of the others in the group, in which we all give you what we can give. Our aim is to enable you to shine in your truest 

greatness and to support you to put your visions into action. As soon as we join forces, something much bigger is able to emerge, far greater than that which one individual is able to achieve. Here, everything revolves around your passion, manifesting your vision, the laws of abundance and success, tangible results, living without limitations and the making of your inner and outer freedom.






Do you miss lightness, deep inner peace, a kind of inner lightheartedness, a deep trust in life?

How you can once again live without burdens

Einstein said that it is not possible to solve a problem on the same level at which it was created, that you must leave it in order to solve it. With this statement, he really hit the nail on the head.

Would you like to know how to exit the level of problems? Do you have the courage and determination to finally get serious

about living the best you can live?

My life has been dedicated to this question of how we can live 100% problem-free, ever since I was a child. I never wanted to resign myself to a reasonably bearable life.

Do you feel the same?


No matter what you experience in life, you reap what you sow



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Barbara has coached celebreties, entrepreneurs, millionaires, managers, psychologists, coaches, and countless others for more than twenty years to maximize their inner freedom and their professional success.

Experiencing a deep transformation, a complete inner peace and freedom beginning at the age of 33, Barbara dedicated her whole life to supporting people worldwide to live a carefree life full of joy, success and significance. She is considered to be one of the world’s conscioust teachers of inner freedom and awareness...